Happy Easter!

On Easter, in Serbia, it is customary to get out of bed early, but not to go to bed before midnight. If you were to go to sleep before the clock strikes midnight, it is believed that you would be sleepy and lazy until next Easter.

Easter Sunday is the happiest day of the year as the news of Christ’s resurrection are being spread. It is a day to celebrate and be happy. Traditionally, lamb and beef are eaten on Easter. Also, special bread is baked.

On Easter day, church floors are covered with flowers known as purple loosestrife. It is a Serbian version of the palm fronds that children laid down on Jesus’s path while he was entering the holy city. Bells ring in churches and liturgies are held all day long.

Of course, the most interesting Easter tradition is the egg tapping. In egg knocking, the favourite event of children and even adults, the winner is the contestant whose egg doesn’t crack. The prize: the opponent’s egg.

Pranks with wooden eggs are also customary when speaking of egg cracking. It is important to mention that these “egg battles” have evolved and now there are whole tournaments organised. The most famous one is the World Egg Tapping Championship in Mokrin, a peaceful village in Vojvodina, Serbia.

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