The first 45-minute lesson is free of charge and non-binding. Book a free trial lesson: contact.


Individual classes, payment per hour

For more flexible classes, you may choose the frequency and the duration of your classes. The price is for a 45-minute class. The payment is before each class.

45 minutes



Individual classes payment through lesson packages

You still keep all the flexibility of individual classes, choose when, how often and how long are the classes. The payment is in advance, and there is no time limitation, you can use your classes anytime you wish.

10 x 45-minute classes

85 EUR

20 x 45-minute classes

160 EUR

30 x 45-minute classes

225 EUR


Group courses

Prices for group classes are the same as for individual classes, just divided by the number of students per group. I do not organise group language classes, but if you have someone to share the classes with, everyone is welcome and the price per person is automatically lower (half for two students, third for three students, etc.)