Our teaching approach is individual, depending on students themselves, their interests, needs, habits, expectations. This refers not only to the learning approach, but to the time as well. We offer Skype lessons or through any other app convenient for you.

Every student or a group requires a different approach. This doesn’t mean that we are trying to reinvent the wheel, but we are doing our best to modify each new lesson. What’s important is to realize that modern technology and new knowledge allow us to understand that education is not a treadmill, but the shaping of mind.

All ages and knowledge levels are also welcome.

We follow the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standard and their A1 to C2 framework. We use various books from different publishers, our own learning materials, games, memory techniques, our hands, anything that helps our students use the language well, write, speak, read, understand, and generally, be able to communicate.

According to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), it takes around 100 hours of learning and using a language per level, and there are 6 levels. The speed of learning depends on the person, group and the student’s native language. When we organise group classes, they are in blocks of 40 hours, so it takes 2 or 3 such blocks to complete one of the 6 levels of learning a foreign language.

For example, in order to go shopping, manage around the city, it takes around 150 hours of active use of language. For fluent communication with native speakers, it takes around 400 hours of active use of language. For reading newspapers and literature, it takes around 600 hours. This applies to all languages, and Serbian is no exception.

Just to sum up by saying that all is subjective, we had students who were quite fluent after a year of learning the Serbian language, and we also had students who needed a bit more than that.

The first trial lesson is free of charge, so feel free to book it: contact.