Serbian and English language school

Welcome to e-word

Life is short, so I am not going to bother you with long introductions and self-praise, but I am going to say that e-word school means individual approach to learning that puts quality and creativity in work, studying, and cooperation first.

It’s imperative that I provide the highest quality of service, and I show gratitude through mutual respect and good atmosphere. Life has to be sweet, too!

The classes are held only online, via Skype or some other app like Facetime, Viber or Messenger. Online classes are identical to those face to face – I send the learning material in pdf, we see and hear each other, we have a whiteboard, games and language exercises. For online classes, you need the Internet, a computer, tablet or phone, a camera and maybe a microphone and headphones. In any case, we can meet up for a free trial lesson, so you may see for yourself what the classes look like.

Your teacher – Ivana Marinkovic

Serbian and English language instructor. I am not a hundred and fifty years old, but I already have almost fifteen years of experience in teaching. I started early, when I was a teenager, for pocket money. I still love my work and will always be teaching something, that’s for sure.

I graduated from Britannica International High School, English as a second language at the University of Belgrade. For a while, I was working with children in international schools, but I specialized in Business English as those were the subjects that I took as final exams in high school, in the English language.

I hold C2 (CPE) certificate in English language and I taught in many language schools in Belgrade.

I studied Russian and Slovakian languages at the Department of Slavistics in Belgrade, and the idea of teaching Serbian as a foreign language came naturally to me. So, I found myself in the exciting world of Serbian language, but in the form foreigners see it, with all its beauties and difficulties.

I have written a textbook for learning Serbian as a foreign language, for complete beginners. The textbook came out of a need for practical and useful learning materials for my lessons, and it grew into an interesting form of a presentation of my work and efforts. I am very proud to have written the textbook as I have grown with it as a teacher I am still discovering new things while using it as my teaching material.

There is never a lack of projects, so I participated in projects like HdIK – I want to publish a book, as an editor, also in Story Club Belgrade, and with my colleagues, I ran Stranac Academy and Hive.

I started with online classes in 2011 within the “Iris” project that I started with my colleague from the university. In 2014, I founded e-word language school which had its own premises until the end of 2017. The same year, 2017, I moved to Sweden so it became quite complicated to manage the school. That is why e-word is an online school now, in its full strength, I work full-time and enjoy teaching. Now I work as a photographer in Sweden, I am learning Swedish (now I too am a student) and I am studying graphic design.

I am not going to write about hobbies and my philosophy of life, I am sure we will meet on an occasion!