Serbian language summer school 2017

Serbian language summer school 2017 is for adults and children living or visiting Belgrade. e-word is a language school that specialises in teaching Serbian as a foreign language. We share our knowledge of the Serbian language as well as the culture and lifestyle in Serbia and Belgrade.

We are happy to invite you to Serbian language summer classes!


e-word is a small school that really concentrates on the quality of teaching and builds relationships with its students. 

We are located in the very centre of Belgrade, nearby the Republic square, in the vibrant city full of excitement, cozy coffee shops and wonderful restaurants.

Our students come from all over the world, so it is a great opportunity to mix and learn with other people.

We issue certificates of attendance or completion (depending on your level of knowledge). We also issue proof of attendance if you require it for your visa.

We are a group of four teachers dedicated to teaching Serbian language and presenting Serbian culture.


We follow the CEFR standard and offer examinations that follow this program. e-word methodology concentrates on practical, everyday language that is useful and easy to practise when you are outside of the classroom. Classes are interactive, adjusted to students’ interests, and most importantly – very practical.


19th June – 18th August 2017


Serbia, Belgrade, 8 Hilandarska Street.


Each unit is 1 week long.

The number of hours each day depends on your age, knowledge level, and general availability at that moment.

You may attend any number of units/weeks during the summer period.


1 hour each day – 60 EUR per student, per week.

2 hours each day – 110 EUR per student per week.

3 hours each day – 150 EUR per student per week.

4 hours each day – 180 EUR per student per week.


Before deciding whether to sign up or not, you may have a free 30-minute Skype lesson with one of our teachers.

If you decide to join us this summer, please write on All bookings must be completed at least 20 days before the beginning of your course, please.


Hvala i vidimo se u Beogradu 🙂

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